Your Place – Chapter 2 v0.12 [Game]

Your Place – Chapter 2 v0.12 by ColeWallace92

RPA extract contains only images all the animations are already accessible in folder gameimages

Release Date: 2024-07-03
Language: English
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

Your Place is a 3D visual novel with RPG elements set in a world dominated by women and futanaris.
You are a young man who lives with his two sisters and works like clerk for a big company.
One day, when you return from work you are kidnapped and forced to find a
mysterious video in which the mayor stars in a hard BDSM session.
To do this you must leave your comfort zone and interact with all kinds of characters,
adapting to them and finding your place in the world.​

Developer Notes:
About the Android version:
The android version is not as measured as the pc version but it works.
There are some details like the amount of money coming out of its respective frame.
I think it’s common because I’ve already seen it in other Android versions of NSFW games made with Ren’py.
Anyway, the game works.
Since I have not passed the game through Google Play, Google Play Protect may want to block the installation of the apk. To fix it: more details – install anyway.

About the numbering of updates:
After version 0.04 comes version 0.10 to indicate that the first chapter of the story ends. That’s why it’s not called 0.05, it’s not that there are any missing updates in between, it’s to emphasize the chapter change. The next update will be called 0.11 even though it will include more days of gameplay than 0.10. Once chapter 2 is finished the version will be called 0.20 and so on.

About the game:
Futa scenes are optional but highly recommended.
The game includes the first week of gameplay, it starts as a linear story but after the second week, the player will have more control over the actions of the hero, being able to choose whether to work or socialize in the office, or go to the office or go to another place.
You will be able to choose which character you want to interact with the most and periodically events will occur that you will not be able to avoid.
Depending on your relationships and your statistics, these events will have one outcome or another.


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