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Spanked japanese schoolgirls have a femdom fetish

After being tied up together these schoolgirls from Japan find out just how much femdom really hurts. The asian girls are walked around in a circle in the basement while having each of their delicious asses spanked for good measure. After being released from their bondage the girls are massively groped and played with as [...]

Amazing Japan femdom feet licking

A leather necklace, a leash and panties… That’s what this slave is wearing in this Japan femdom scene. He is forced to lick her bare feet while she is moaning with pleasure. Her small round peaches popped out of her white tight fitting revealing top while she was sitting on a black leather sofa and [...]

Japanese boss humiliated by foot femdom

That’s what you get for staying alone in the office with two femdom loving girls from Japan! Our geeky boss hired two new girls in the office to help him out but before he knew it he was at the mercy of the naughty japanese dominatrices.  They quickly saw he was week and would easily [...]

Japan mistress force feeding pussy to her hungry slave

Look at that poor little slave, IT can not be even called a human! This is humiliation on the most highest level you will see. We are sure about that! Cage rage, super Japanese Femdom, leather, whips, chains, pain, strapon, cruelty over slave and forced female domination. Are you still not satisfied? Hell, you are [...]

Lesbian female dominatrix forces bondage and burning hot candles

This twisted japan bondage movie features a pure and white sweet asian girl as she is tortured slowly at the whim of her female mistress. The lesbian dominatrix slowly drops candle wax from a red candle over the soft and tender flesh of her she-slave but can’t help to wonder what sort of pleasure and [...]